For all our previous and future customers Australia and USA wide, I welcome you in awaiting the opening of our Online Retail Shop - Civilstock. "Premium Science Trade" was founded on research of technology and providing technical and engineering service to the metropolitan city of Perth, Western Australia. Our functions have grown and we now have the ability to provide the citizens of Australia and USA with material resources and products of advanced technologies and techniques at a very reasonable exchange even when considering the speed and cost of shipping from industrially advanced countries like USA and Europe. Civilstock's products as you will see will be products that are made in the USA, Netherlands, Turkey, Germany and Australia too. As we grow and citizens visit and experience we will furnish a fuller breadth of collections in some areas and in other areas completely new lines will become available. Our true Vision is to empower citizens with the material resources to establish and maintain a modern lifestyle. We will be catering to all age groups. Modern lifestyles of the 21st century engage in innovation, personalisation, experimentation and adventure. We support this :D We will be a shop that will ask for you to tell us what you want, if you don't like it, if we could get a different type or capability. We know we are competing with Ebay and Amazon, and it is on this basis that we stake our commitment to Australians and Americans, that we will provide for you. Given time we will have better prices and shorter delivery times even than retail shops such as BigW and Target. Together with your unashamed feedback to us at any time we will take care of it. Civilstock is founded by Premium Science Trade, a West Australian owned business. "We are taking the next step". CE - Founder