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  • Posted on 26 Aug 19:17
  • By Clive Ettia

Shop Journal for Civilstock




We want you to feel more comfortable when browsing and even shopping at Civilstock. Although we are obviously interested in moving stock, we are unlike other businesses in this respect.


We are not encumbered with running costs or over-heads that occur due to incorrect business modelling from lack of competence on the subject of organisation, Oh no!


Premium Science Trade to the rescue! A mechanism to answer common or uncommon questions and also show customers that we are most certainly active, live, and attending to your requests and communications




Welcome to the Shop Journal for Civilstock


You can always visit this page from the About Us menu on our Home Page. Here you will see the comments and questions, feedback and hissy-fits that Civilstock is responsible for. Our Resident Expert Author - Clive Ettia and of course! Batgirl_PI will be available to answer and comment.


We hope to furnish entirely new Posts, Blogs and Articles in teaming with Batgirl_PI so that we can not only make Civilstock a great shop to buy at, but also a place to stop in and see what's going on.


Say you found it cheaper and better somewhere else, yes! absolutely! Remember - We are empowering Australians. There are many, many ways. Civilstock main is only one way to do that.


Enjoy and thank you for visiting.



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Comments (5)

Clive - civilstock staff
29 Oct 22:56

Google+ Public Post – Incident

A person with a profile picture of Mario Bandicoot, comments that Civilstock-Batgirl_PI Kit is “humungously overpriced”. I replied to this as would any gracious store owner with manners. Not only does this person continue to attack the product he starts to attack Batgirl_PI with covert assertions. Very unsavoury character, most likely a paid goon. Blocked and was reported by several of our Community members on Google+
Don’t mess with Civilstock, you are just going to embarrass yourself.
Keep it coming International sharks, make sure everyone can see who you are.

Clive - Civilstock STAFF
30 Aug 16:32

Civilstock Location – Submits and Edits on all major mapping platforms available.

Clive - civilstock staff
28 Aug 12:30

27/8/2016 – Posted to Reddit/r/Australia announcing the e-commerce sale of agricultural controllers. Banned from posting in the Australia subreddit.

A little time after I commented on the previous LINK from “The Age” Newspaper about some Dad’s in the eastern states, suburb of Torquay who were having to defend their homes like in jungle warfare from anti-social perps and predators. I suggested TWTH Foundation and provided a link and that I would help if they wanted to just contact me instead. This comment at around midnight WA time I found this morning with 11 down-votes. The comments that had been up-voted obviously eg. “ice ice baby?” and irrelevant, smart-ass non-helping or non-acknowledgment comments.

Conculsion: No Reddit. We at Premium Science Trade, Australia and Civilstock do not support your community. Especially when anti-social comments are rewarded and social comments related directly to the POST/LINK are penalized.

He have chosen to work with Digg, so far their interface and functions are clean and fast. I have submitted the Civilstock Homepage link. We will see.
LINK: http://digg.com/u/PSTPerth

26 Aug 23:50

Sensis and Yellow Pages online data:

Contact details, Website address and Locality UPDATED – Premium Science Trade, Australia

Clive - Civilstock STAFF
26 Aug 23:38

26/8/2016 – Clive
CREATED: Civilstock Shop Journal – Blog Post

Visitors and Customers Can:

1. Comment

2. Ask Questions

3. Give Answers

4. Suggest/Request a Post-Thread be created so a discussion or theme can be given appropriate form

5. Recommend other shops online who have better deals than Civilstock on the same items :D I know!

6. Enjoy and recognize that Civilstock is an active and tended establishment. It values your feedback and wants to empower Australians.

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