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Bigfoot Triple Insulated Bottle, Black Shadow, 45 oz-1330mL

Eco Vessel - Bigfoot Triple Insulated Bottle, Black Shadow: 1330mL         Description   You can believe in this BIGFOOT! The perfect balance between size and function, this reusable thermos is ...

Book: Living Off the Grid by Dave Black

ProForce® - Living Off the Grid by Dave Black       Living Off the Grid - A Simple Guide to Creating and Maintaining a Self-Feliant Supply of Energy, Water, Shelter, and More by Dave Black   Pri...

Boss Triple Insulated SS Growler, 4 Colours

Eco Vessel® - Boss Triple Insulated SS Growler, 4 Colours       Product Description   Fill this reusable stainless steel growler with icy cold craft beer at the brewery or fresh hot coffee from ...

Double Barrel Insulated Beer-Coffee Mug, 3 Colours, 17 oz.

Eco Vessel - Double Barrel Insulated Beer-Coffee Mug, 3 Colours, 17 oz.       Description   From an icy cold beer to steaming coffee, the Eco Vessel DOUBLE BARREL will be your traveling buddy fo...


BARE CONDUCTIVE® - ELECTRIC PAINT® 10mL         1 x ELECTRIC PAINT® Tube       Made in the UK   Height = 16.5cm / 6.5in Width = 9.5cm / 3.7in Depth = 1.5cm / 0.6in Weight = 0.028kgs / 1.0oz     ...

Fluke® - Temperature Humidity Meter

Fluke® - Temperature Humidity Meter, FLUKE 971       Free Shipping     Product Description    Temperature and humidity are two important factors in maintaining optimal comfort levels and good in...

Handheld Visual Infrared Thermometer, -10°C to 250°C

Fluke® VT04A - Handheld Visual Infrared Thermometer, -10°C to 250°C       Free Shipping     Product Description    The Fluke VT04A is the most powerful addition to the groundbreaking Fluke Visua...

Light Cannon eLED, Lantern Grip, Safety Yellow, Box

Underwater Kinetics - Light Cannon eLED, Lantern Grip, Safety Yellow, Box         Description     Dive lighting USA MADE, ultra-reliable, to confidently adventure underwater.     Tablet Underwat...

Outdoor Splash Speaker, Orange

EnerPlex - Outdoor Splash Speaker, Orange         Description     The EnerPlex Kickr Outdoor Splash Speaker is a perfect companion on your treks where a little light music is not going to distur...

Raspberry Pi® Camera Enclosures by Camdenboss®, HIPS

Camdenboss® - Raspberry Pi® Camera Enclosures, HIPS       Product Description   Wonderfully easy Raspberry Pi Style Enclosure. Keep your project + camera secured and free from exposure with this...

S3 Inc® Case Line - Watertight Storage Cases T-Series

S3 Inc® Case Line - Watertight Storage Cases, T-1000-T6500       FREE SHIPPING     Product Description     S3 INC. Watertight Storage Cases   Remember all those times when you've been diving und...

Sense HAT for Raspberry Pi®, Robotic & Indust. Sensors + LED Matrix

Raspberry Pi® - Sense HAT for, Robotic & Indust. Sensors + LED Matrix       Product Description   The Raspberry Pi Sense HAT is attached on top of the Raspberry Pi via the 40 GPIO pins.   Th...

Waterproof Paper Pad 3 x 5

Ultimate Survival Technologies - Waterproof Paper Pad 3 x 5         Description     Durable, waterproof, tear-proof notebook. Handy survival essentials checklist on back cover. Great for keepi...