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Premium Science Trade, Australia was founded on research of technology and providing technical and engineering service to the metropolitan city of Perth and Western Australia.


Our true Vision is to empower civilians with the material resources to establish and maintain a modern lifestyle.     We will be catering to all age groups. Modern lifestyles of the 21st century engage in innovation, personalisation, experimentation and adventure.

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About Us


Civilstock is founded here as was done with Premium Science Trade, Australia for the research of technology and providing technical and engineering services. Our functions have grown and we now have the ability to provide Australians with material resources and products of advanced technologies and techniques, at a very reasonable exchange even when considering the speed and cost of shipping from industrially advanced countries like USA and Europe.


Civilstock allows Premium Science Trade to operate on its current, acquired and future estimated projects. Specifically and transparently R&D in the agricultural electronics sector. Our expansion is based in the confidence and resources invested and derived in the endeavour of Projects ranging from, civil business ventures, restructured networks and advanced technology investments. All for Australia, yes. The list of potential enterprises of the 21st century now viably available due to advancements of technology in all sectors is amazing. We have the potential to not only bring you products of wonder and established reliability but also technology and contact with those who are also taking the next step.


“Our effort is to empower civilians with the materials and developed technologies that are natural for a modern and developed lifestyle of the 21st century. Australia lacks this significantly, and this is the niche we will operate in, wide streets and plenty of room for everyone.” Clive Ettia - Founder


Statistics to Date - Opened July 16th 2016


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Premium Science Trade, Australia

DBA – Civilstock

Web Store: https://civilstock.myshopify.com

Domain: premiumsciencetrade.com


Orders, Feedback, Requests and Support

Office phone: 0420 931 341

Office fax: (08) 9342 5091

Email: civilstock@premiumsciencetrade.com

ABN#: 91078942936

ASIC#: BN11262369

Head Office: 96 Finchley Crescent Balga

Western Australia 6061




Forbes Kirby Lawyers

Level 1/585 Hay Street Perth WA 6000





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