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An Orientation of Civilstock




This article is intended as a solid, valid and local resource for our customers.


It covers the following subjects, on key significance.


- Enterprise and the Community
- Supply and Demand
- Locality
- Australian Stores
- Australian Law and Shopify Policy, Refunds & Returns
- Google Australia
- Domain Locality
- Server Locality
- Google+ My Business Page
- MSRP Violations
- International Marketplaces
- Imported Goods and Local Goods Trade
- Specializing/Product Niche v's Specializing Function Stores



Enterprise and the Community - Social Beings


Business models that are constructed for the purpose of making money primarily and then veiled with colourful slogans and sayings are the primary models in use today.
Civilstock is not based on this model. It's Owner is trained in designing, repairing and building business models, not on one type of sponsored model.


Commerce begins from demand for goods and services, therefore to run a viable and valuable enterprise one must contribute to the market.
This is too obvious but in the matter of customer engagement, pitch and close, it is about helping and always trying to produce and deliver a greater value of exchange. 


Because we are social beings the contribution and the value exchanged for it is returned by other social beings. This is a natural function, using it in your business actions is efficient and creates expansion.



Supply and Demand - For the purpose of fair exchange


When a product is produced, let's say for instance in your local community. It's produced by PEOPLE, and those people, either owner, staff or employees are valuable. In fact the delivery man lives next door to you and is a wonderful chap. They are producing it and delivering it because it is demanded.


When someone in town says that they can get or make the same product for half the price and deliver it to you for free.


Since as adults we know that nothing is free, therefore who pays for the free stuff?


As such it is not paid for but in fact no value is exchanged for it. If there is no value exchanged for it then it ceases to have value since it is free. Continued, one starts to expect free things, and over time PEOPLE don't receive value for their products. They stop making products, no matter the demand.


When you investigate how much something costs for the genuine item, look for a retailer that is selling it in fair exchange. Buying from the retailer who is undervaluing goods; they are undervalued for a reason and if you support that reasoning you are supporting criminal exchange.



Locality - Balcatta, Perth, Western Australia


Businesses located within a commercially active district are serviced with a greater efficacy due to transit times and central distribution systems.


Balcatta is a beautiful suburb of Perth. It's founded very heavily in the European community and as such has a strong learning culture. Balcatta is adjacent to Osborne Park which is a Perth-wide commercial and industrial district. Very well known throughout WA as a district for getting Trades supply, Tech and Commercial Service.


Balcatta is also adjacent to the once predominant Northern Roadway, Wanneroo Road.



Australian Stores - Stock and Owners located in Australia


Australian shops are Australian. If they are owned by an Australian resident then there is stability over the operations and vision of that enterprise in relation to the business existing in Australia and being a part of the Australian community. Rewards of employment, enterprise aligned-projects, community betterment and sponsorships are all possible with an Australian Shop.



Australian Law and Shopify Policy, Refunds & Returns


Australia has more prudent and protective laws when it comes to sale of goods. In fact Shopify insist on a very prudent Refund and Returns policy which Civilstock strictly adheres to. You can view it under our "About Us" main menu.


Purchasing from a Shop that adheres to Australian Commerce Laws and Shopify eCommerce Policies is one of the highest standards capable in the world. Civilstock is world-class.



Google, Australia




Searching the web pages from Australia. Also advanced search, image and groups search, news and directory.




Suggested Search Results - site:google.com.au Google, Australia



Domain and Server Locality - Civilstock


Although our Domain is registered to a physical server in the USA, it is by the fact that Australia lacked the resources at the time of registering "premiumsciencetrade.com" that this was necessary.


Shopify does not use local servers for their platform, therefore the Civilstock website is also physically registered in the USA. Our website platform provider operates in the USA and therefore our virtual assets are registered there.



Google+ My Business Page - Local Business




With a free listing available from Google which is becoming a base development for Google's incoming modeling.


There is very little to be certain of in relation to how much exposure one can expect from a Google My Business Page, but it has been announced several times by Google that they have and are intending on making more out of this product. We can expect a greater appreciation for local businesses through Google's My Business Page.



MSRP Violations - Observations of Widespread Product Dumping and Corporate Undercutting


As above in the section regarding fair exchange. MSRP = Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price. 


Violations of MSRP
Like any policies which are there to protect individuals and the community. Buying from and supporting Retailers, especially in the International Marketplaces, that are undercutting ALL other retailers will lead to a manufacturer who no longer can afford to make the goods.


MSRP is a suggestion from the manufacturer to the retailer. In other cases, the MSRP is an important part of branding and relationships. However, most of the time, retailers willingly mark things down below MSRP in order to entice customers, gain a competitive advantage or get rid of old inventory.


Civilstock does not violate MSRPs because it is aligned strongly with the Manufacturers and it's supporting network.



International Marketplaces - Ebiz Scams of the 21st Century


Unmoderated internet platforms that have engagement between individuals, especially when conducting legal commerce and social interaction are an Ebiz Scam.


Unmoderated International Marketplaces are an Ebiz scam. The sellers on them are NOT directly accountable and as such offer another mechanism for commerce crime.
No individual accountability means no security and no integrity.


There are several raving actions in Courts currently over this fact, and at the start of 2017 Civilstock's main suppliers have advised they are making the mark in the sand at, "Retailers must have a physical shop or primary owned domain, to be able to retail their products." They are protecting their value.



Imported Goods and Local Goods Trade


Australia is a rich exporter of primary products, therefore there is a demand for finished goods into the country. This demand is being met by Civilstock for developed and unique, high-quality and branded goods.


Civilstock Imports Good from many countries, including Europe, USA and UK. Also goods with Australian origin are available in the store.
Being a local we support local manufacturers.



Specializing/Product Niche v's Specializing Function Stores


Some Retailers are engaged in their product Niche in a specialized manner. This in part is due to the internet searching function and results. Specializing in target products to target customers.


At Civilstock we don't target, rather we have a business model that is designed for supplying on the functions of what people DO. The products are selected and installed on the basis that they facilitate a function that is needed or wanted in Australia. Our product Categories are designed on Function not Niche, and they are designed in alignment with the business vision, like any valid model.




Clear water - Understanding





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