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CASE-CNH® - Armrest, Transmission and Hydraulic Controllers




Civilstock provides a point of access for refurbishment of common Agricultural Electronics.

In co-operation with Agtronics WA® we are proud to facilitate this service to Australian Farmers, Farm Managers and Dealership Managers or Technicians.

Agtronics WA® operates in approved concert with your Dealer as required, from a strong local relationship of over 2 decades.

Costs approximate 50% of the Retail Cost of the unit.
Prices are not given here as we are providing an access point rather than a point-of-sale.




Applicable Products


1. CNH Armrest Controller
2. CNH Transmission Controller
3. CNH Hydraulic Controller




Warranty Description


- All units are upgraded with GENUINE High Quality Parts.


- All units are refurbished and fortified with a proprietary process developed by Agtronics WA® from years of research and development.


- All units are covered by a 1 Year Full Warranty Repair/Replacement and Phone Support throughout Australia, under the care of Agtronics WA®.




Product Refurbishment Description


For more than 2 decades Agtronics WA® have remanufactured and upgraded failed controllers, instruments and GPS equipment to achieve lasting reliability.
High product volumes and narrow margins deliver excellent value for money.
The customer base spans the country and includes hundreds of machinery Dealerships and thousands of farmers(No Exaggeration).


Is the space in your Farm Workshop and Metal Bins being taken up with failed controllers for your machinery?


Do you find that at the worst possible time during your schedule your machinery fails? And that upon your own and the Dealer Technician's inspection it's found that a failed controller has been overloaded during operation?


Are you a Dealership Manager or Technician who wants to have a solution for customers, in the uncommon case that Replacement Parts Stock will not arrive in time to satisfy the customer's Urgent need?


If so then please enquire via email by clicking on the Contact Us tab at the bottom-rhs of your screen.
We will be in contact within 24 hours to discuss your needs and detail the logistics.
Thank you.


Sparkling_CNH Transmission Controller


CASE-CNH_Transmission-Hydraulic Controller




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