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Civilstock Suppliers and Producers




You know if you ever meet me I do seem to blab a bit.
I have been listening for a long time.



The Rationale of Civilstock Commerce


Why does Civilstock work with Suppliers and Manufacturers and DIRECTLY promote them instead of the Brands that they supply or resell?


Why doesn't Civilstock sell popular Australian imported Brands for Cameras type products?


Why does Civilstock work with the current, specific suppliers that are displayed on the home page carousel - Brands Banner?


Why is there so much diversity in the Civilstock range of products and a heavy emphasis on the level of quality and that it is made in particular countries?


Why should I trust another Online Shop Owner who is selling stuff?





OK! that's a lot of questions and normally a half-competent writer would NOT write all that down at the top of their article. They would elaborate on each point confidentally and in such a manner as to have completely resolved for you any future desire to think or learn about it again. Um... no.





The suppliers "I" work with as the Owner and Founder of Civilstock are Suppliers, Manufacturers, Inventors, Builders, Engineers, Designers, Artists and Brokers.
They all have one thing in common, they are verified by the best in the Sector.
Aside from this primary prioritized-criteria for our Suppliers to Australians they are the best because of reasons I would clarify here.


"I" promote the Suppliers and the Direct Relationships we have with any vendor of integrity that meets our standards, and services us. This is no different to any other rational business model.


All of our Suppliers are doing what they do for reasons, they make money yes, it is commerce.


Fixing coffee machines is not commerce to the technician or the administrators.
It is commerce for the owner of the business who also provides parts at a profit as a result of the repair service.


Just because you don't want people to know where you put your margin, doesn't mean we are doing something different. It's just being hidden or should I say camouflaged, sort of covered over, otherwise it would be in plain-sight.


Our Suppliers reasons for commerce are to disseminate and reap the value for their products. That is what they love to do and it is valuable.


You see Australia, in the USA they make things. Now you say I'm being insulting or generalistic, yes I am, but I challenge you to investigate yourself of the actual facts about the differences of our cultural and therefore economic and social attributes.


If you can't be bothered well don't worry because I have been doing it for years and you can take my word for it.


Now down to the nitty-gritty; Some electronic products like Camera type products are brought into Australia on this basis, and get this, that there is no manufacturer's warranty. Now this means that Civilstock, being a National Australian business cannot legally sell these famous Brand products like Sony and Kodak, because Civilstock would have to guarantee the replacement. Yes we are that far away in the perception and size of market. So if we want to get anything on decent terms it requires negotiation and confidence.
Oh now that's a challenge!



Fact of the matter is that, in what country things are produced is THE most significant factor in the following critical categories:


  1. Quality
  2. Durability
  3. Design
  4. Accessibility to market
  5. Stable pricing and supply of the product on demand



Yes, that's how it is and I'm going to make sure that Australians have appropriate quality products for the 21st Century. That is Civilstock. We are taking the next step.



The old, "Well how can I trust you?"
So, let's look at that... "I am" as the Owner and Founder of Civilstock, a stranger.
You as a customer are a stranger to Civilstock.


We have certain principles that we meet and greet and interact on, this all comes under the subject of Manners.


Now Manners and Trust are related because one who uses manners shows that there is agreement on proceeding with the interaction on a well-established localized platform.


Trust is about demonstrating that one is 'worthy of trust'.
It is earned not demanded.
A friend is what I am and a friend in respect you will always find.


Civilstock, Australian Online Shopping







Clear water - Understanding




Further History and Clarification


There are some things, as I have illustrated in many Articles over the years that require a little more explanation and these should help with that.


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Particular clarification goes to the venture of Civilstock within the Premium Science Trade Business.






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