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HipStar™ - Pre-Launch Summer 2017








HipStar™ Pre-Launch


For the Kickstarter Project starting in Summer 2017



Please submit your pre-order requests as soon as possible.
This meaningful, early-bird, no-obligation registration is extremely important to the success and completion of The Project; which is to create the availability of the


The sooner we receive your pre-order registrations, the greater the chance of success for
this EVOLUTIONAL release.






A Confident Estimate of the Hipstar™ Range Prices(MSRP)


US$250 ~ Heavy Duty
US$150 ~ Medium
US$100 ~ Light



 HipStar™ - ProductRange_size&All-FORMS



HipStar™ - Kickstarter PLEDGE FLOW for CUSTOMERS


0. Find the ART MATRIX, LLC, HipStar™ Kickstarter Project Page:


Link to HipStar™ Kickstarter Project Page -  'COMING SOON'


1. Kickstarter Account - Have/Create
2. Credit Card payments only
3. Credit Card is charged ONLY ONCE the project has completed successful funding(reached the goal)
4. Can only pledge ONCE and pick ONE reward tier with that ONE pledge
5. ASK a Question of the Creator at the bottom of each Project Page. Emails directly to the Creator.
6. Receive email notifications about the HipStar™ Kickstarter Project when appropriate.




Please Note: This is not a CORPORATE-backed project, please participate with us so that we can all have the invention in REAL.