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Linear Tools - Head Band Illuminated Magnifier, 1.5x-7.5x Magnification_ZOOM-VIEW
  • Linear Tools - Head Band Illuminated Magnifier, 1.5x-7.5x Magnification_ZOOM-VIEW
  • Head Band Illuminated Magnifier, 1.5x-7.5x Magnification

Head Band Illuminated Magnifier, 1.5x-7.5x Magnification


SKU: 59-650-747


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Linear Tools - Head Band Illuminated Magnifier, 1.5x-7.5x Magnification




Product Description 


This tool provides a hands free method of lighting and magnifying the work piece to give a clear three dimensional image.


It will adjust to any head size and is suitable for use in assembly and inspection applications.


Get an excellent view of your work and assess as accurately as possible. The clarity from lighting and multiple maginfications at hand will ensure you can make the best possible estimation on focused projects like, electronics, crafts, construction QC, jewelry inspection.


Any task which requires a visual assessment in the range of millimeters tomicro-meters is enhanced with the this workshop tool.


This Superior Head Band Magnifier provides the following features:

Multi-coated Acrylic Lenses offer a choice of 4 magnification powers via combination of fixed , flip-up and monocle lenses: 1.5x, 3.0x, 9.0x and 10.5x (Combinations with resultant magnifications).


- Bright dual LED illumination
- Tilt and Swivel LED adjustment
- Visor can be lifted and lowered as required
- Magnifier can be used when wearing glasses


The Headband Magnifier is most useful for Assembly and Inspection work and is also suitable for Hobbies, Crafts and general reading.



Contents of Shipment


- 1 x Head Band Illuminated Magnifier



Information and Features


The headband magnifier is most useful for assembly and inspection work, hobbies and crafts and general reading.


- Multi-coated acrylic lenses offer a choice of 4 magnification
- Bright dual LED illumination
- Tilt and swivel LED adjustment
- Visor can be lifted and lowered as required
- Magnifier can be used when wearing glasses



Specifications and Data


DATASHEET - http://www.farnell.com/datasheets/1598898.pdf



Manufacturer Connection


MANUFACTURER'S PRODUCT PAGE - http://www.lineartools.co.uk/DataSheets/index.html



Linear Tools - UK


Linear Tools is located in Isleworth, Middlesex, just minutes away from London, Heathrow Airport & the M25 Motorway. the company was set up in East Sheen in 1977 and 19 years later the company moved into its Isleworth complex, which houses both the offices and the goods warehouse.

Linear Tools continues to strive, to supply quality tools at affordable prices from around the world. Whether it is Noga Deburring Tools (ISO 9002), HSS Jobber Drills (ISO 9001) or PEC Rules (Goverments Approved), we provide affordable tools that are quality assured.

Many of our tools come complete with a one year guarantee and some with a lifetime guarantee.

All of our products are readily available from your local engineering distributor who will be happy to advise you.



Uses or Applications


- Inspection of jewelry

- Quality control of electronics products

- Quality control of electronics soldering

- Antique analysis

- Visual inspections to the range of 0.1mm observable

- Assessment of 3D Printing creations qualities and characterstics

- Assessment of 3D Printer Machine during maintenance, repair or inspection

- Cable insulation inspection tool

- A tool when making modelling constructions

- A tool when making visual constructions

- A tool when making and painting models of all kinds

- For crafts and hand crafting that are difficult to see, making it easier and faster

- Found in repair workshops of all kinds

- Found in home workshops, auto workshops

- Inspection of auto-parts

- Inspection of mechanical parts

- Having superior vision during key cutting, locksmith duties and cobbler's assist

- Cobbler's inspection head wear

- Locksmith's inspection head wear





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