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TENMA® - Digital Multimeter(True-RMS), Handheld_1
  • TENMA® - Digital Multimeter(True-RMS), Handheld_1
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Digital Multimeter(True-RMS), Handheld


SKU: 72-7780

Barcode: 640522718481

Availability: Many in stock


TENMA® - Digital Multimeter(True-RMS), Handheld




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Product Description 


This model is digital multimeter, newly designed to offer users better performance and higher safety rating.


Total over-load protection and unique structural design make it new type of multimeter with high performance/price ratio and a best choice for electricians to use in electrical maintenance and repair.


Right here is your best value TRMS digital multi-meter. This is not a cheap shoddy case-cracking version, this is a solid tool for the commercial and industrial workplace.


When you need to go above this, it's because you have harsh environments and therefore need super-quick measurements and highly sensitive probes. You may need something for the office Lab because your tolerance for error of measurements is critical, this is not the product for you.


This is a reliable A-class, workers tool and it stands up to the test by the fact it is still highly valued in Element 14's product range. It is the TRMS version without the current measure clamp.


Comparable specifications as given above in other manufacturer's devices are significantly more expensive due mostly to component quality and construction process quality.


I don't want to talk this one up or down, but you're not gonna get a better deal on reliability and accuracy for STILL under $100. Note: This is a True RMS DMM, amazing!!!



Use of the RMS feature is purely a technical upgrade to account for technicians or engineers who need to acquire True RMS readings. This is important when summing several live measurements, the end result can be significantly in error, depending how many individual measurements are being summed.


Anyway, this is something that is important for some fields of use. We are offering your best value option without having to dig-deep for this specific capability in the next tier of DMMs.


- Power: AA1.5 × 2
- LCD Size: 58mm × 36mm
- Product Colour: Orange and Grey
- Product Net Weight: 370g
- Product Size: 175mm × 81mm × 48.5mm
- Standard Accessories: 1.5V AA Cells, Test Leads, Temperature Probe





An ideal tool for equipment testing, maintenance and repair widely needed in electronics, electric power, schools, metallurgy, communications, manufacturing, petroleum, national defence, chemical industry, etc.




Contents of Shipment


- Digital Multimeter
- 1.5V AA Cells
- Test Leads
- Temperature Probe



Information and Features


- True RMS
- Measure signals with varied frequency (VFC)
- Measure large capacitance up to 100mF
- Optional AC/DC 60A current clamps in different models to measure current up to 60A(1mv=1A)
- NCV designed for the whole series, a necessity for electricians
- AA 1.5V × 2 cells, easy for users to purchase and replace
- Soft rubber holster is easy to stand 2m drop
- Optional magnetic hanging strap offered to facilitate tests in special location
- Fast to replace fuse, just by opening battery cover
- Reliable with use of internal 2PC fuse with high-breaking capacity
- Protection against 600V input/1 minute from disconnection
- Safety Rating: CAT III 600V
- Display Count : 6,000
- Auto Range
- Manual Range
- Bandwidth : 45Hz - 1kHz
- V.F.C
- Duty Cycle : 0.1% to 99.9%
- Diode test : Around 3V
- Battery Test : 1.5V / 9V
- Auto Power Off : Around 15 Minutes
- Continuity Buzzer
- Low Battery Indication : ≤2.5V
- Data Hold
- Relative Mode
- LCD Backlight
- Input Protection : 600Vrms
- Input Impedance for DCV : 1GΩ Max.



Specifications and Data


DATASHEET - http://www.farnell.com/datasheets/1955333.pdf



Manufacturer Connection


Manufacturer Product Page - http://www.tenma.com/products/product/72-7780





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