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ARM® - mbed™ Ethernet IoT Starter Kit




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ARM® - mbed™ Ethernet IoT Starter Kit, Cloud Based Dev







Product Description 


This starter Kit for IBM IoT Foundation provides the user with a slick experience, getting data from the on board sensors into the IBM cloud within minutes of opening the box.


It is particularly suitable for developers with no specific experience in embedded or web development, as it provides a platform for learning new concepts and creating working prototypes.


After the initial out of box experience, the infinite possibilities of cloud applications can be explored through IBM's production grade BlueMix platform, in which deployment and device management is as simple for one device as it is for one million.


The starter kit hardware can be modified and extended to explore the device design space, and a finalised design can be taken to production using the mbed SDK and HDK.



Contents of Shipment


mbed Enabled Freescale K64F
- Freescale K64F Kinetis K64 MCU (MK64FN1M0VLL12)
- High performance ARM® Cortex™-M4 Core with Floating point unit and DSP
- 120MHz, 256KB RAM, 1MB FLASH


mbed Application shield
- 128x32 Graphics LCD
- 5 way joystick
- 2 x Potentiometers
- Speaker, PWM Conencted
- 3 Axis +/1 1.5g Accelerometer
- RGB LED, PWM connected
- Temperature sensor



Information and Features


ARM mbed IoT Device Platform


ARM mbed IoT Device Platform provides the operating system, cloud services, tools and developer ecosystem to make the creation and deployment of commercial, standards-based Internet of Things (IoT) solutions possible at scale. By offering all the vital tools needed to develop these IoT solutions, combined with the support of over 60 partners and a community of 200,000 developers, mbed is uniquely positioned to be the leading ecosystem for IoT device creation, deployment and secure management of connected devices.



mbed Cloud
mbed Cloud is a standards-based solution for secure IoT device management services. Uniquely optimized for trust and efficiency, mbed Cloud simplifies the connecting, securing, provisioning and updating of any device, across complex networks.

The deployment of IoT devices at scale requires flexibility, coverage across a vast range of IoT client devices and communications efficiency, irrespective of device constraints. With easy integration and increased developer productivity, enterprises can rapidly rollout and manage full-scale deployments. In an IoT landscape where security is paramount, mbed Cloud is built to provide a solid foundation of trust from chip to cloud.



mbed OS
mbed OS is software designed specifically for IoT devices that brings a comprehensive suite of security elements and connectivity that makes the creation and deployment of IoT solutions possible at scale.

It includes all the features needed to develop a connected product based on an ARM Cortex-M microcontroller, including security, connectivity, an RTOS and drivers for sensors and I/O. devices.



Features of FRDM-K64F


- ARM© Cortex®-M4 core, upto 120 MHz
- 1MB Flash and 256KB RAM
- Low power
- Crystal-less USB
- 100 Low profile Quad Flat Package (LQFP)
- Dual role USB interface with micro-B USB connector
- FXOS8700CQ accelerometer and magnetometer
- Two user push buttons
- Flexible power supply option – OpenSDAv2 USB, Kinetis K64 USB, and external source
- Easy access to MCU input/output through ArduinoTM R3 compatible I/O connectors


Programmable OpenSDAv2 debug circuit supporting the CMSIS-DAP Interface software that provides:
- Mass storage device (MSD) flash programming interface
- CMSIS-DAP debug interface over a driver-less USB HID connection providing run-control debugging and compatibility with IDE tools
- Virtual serial port interface
- Open source CMSIS-DAP software project


- Ethernet
- Add-on RF module: nRF24L01 Nordic 2.4GHz Radio
- Add-on Bluetooth module: JY-MCU BT board V1.05 BT


Features of mbed Application Shield


- 128x32 Graphics LCD
- 5 way joystick
- 2 x Potentiometers
- Speaker, PWM Conencted
- 3 Axis /1 1.5g Accelerometer
- RGB LED, PWM connected
- Temperature sensor
- Socket for for Xbee (Zigbee) or RN-XV (Wifi)



Manufacturer's Product Video




Specifications and Data


DATASHEET - http://www.farnell.com/datasheets/1900421.pdf


ELEMENT14 TECHNICAL PAGE - https://www.element14.com/community/docs/DOC-74945



Manufacturer Connection


MANUFACTURER'S PRODUCT PAGE - https://www.arm.com/products/iot-solutions/mbed-iot-device-platform




ARM® provide a comprehensive suite of easy to use, yet powerful, development tools for all ARM based application processors, System-on-Chip (SoC) and MCUs.


The software development package includes:
- C/C++ Compiler
- Debugger
- Streamline
- Performance Analyzer
- Simulation
- RTX Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) with full source code and optional middleware libraries for USB (Host + Device)
- mbed TLS
- mbed client IoT connector (with MDK PRO)
- FLASH file system and GUI development.


Everything you need for your next ARM based embedded system design and development is here.





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