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CLIPSAL® - RCD Protected Portable Power Outlet, 4 plug, 10A
  • CLIPSAL® - RCD Protected Portable Power Outlet, 4 plug, 10A

RCD Protected Portable Power Outlet, 4 plug, 10A



Barcode: 9311554198282

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CLIPSAL® - RCD Protected Portable Power Outlet, 4 plug, 10A







Product Description


RCD Protected Quad Switch Socket Outlet, 250V, 10A, 30mA RCD, Electric Orange


Compact and lightweight, Clipsal's lifesaver 485 series portable power outlets are great protection when travelling or working outdoors. Their portability makes them ideal for caravan and camping enthusiasts, tradespeople, or for those using power tools around the home.


The Clipsal standard for electrical safety protection and prevention is no longer a compromise for Australians.


Another example of the excellent tools and instruments we can provide so that Australian civilians can build and maintain a professional standard of work and just as importantly, pride in their accomplishments.


Your purchase of a Clipsal Lifesaver485 Series RCD Protected Portable Power Outlet is a wise investment in electrical safety.


The units offer unsurpassed protection against electric shock and overload in a wide range of applications. The range has been specifically designed to protect both people and property from damage or injury in case of an electrical fault, and also incorporates additional safety features including protection against electrical overload.


Units comprise up to four double pole, separately switched shuttered socket outlets, mounted in a high impact resistant, durable plastic housing. The enclosure is splash proof, with convenient carry handle, and is fitted with a 1.8m cord.


Electrical protection is provided by means of a highly reliable electronic combination RCD/MCB module.


Built tough for use by professional tradespeople, the unit is ideal for use either in the field or in the workshop, and is fully Class H Compliant, being certified as approved for use on construction sites (AS/NZS 3012 Portable Socket Outlet Assemblies (PSOA)).


The outlet offers superior protection and peace of mind for the home handyman.





Information and Features


- 30 mA electronic RCD/MCB
- 4 gang model
- Cord length: 1.8 m



- Portable Power Outlet with Residual Current and Overload Protection
- Built-in Electronic RCD/MCB Combo Device
- Highly robust electronics – Resistant to drop / shock / vibration • Excellent electrical noise immunity – Eliminates nuisance tripping
- Individual status flags for RCD and MCB trip condition
- Class H compliant device, suitable for use on construction sites
- Separately switched, double pole shuttered socket outlets
- Impact resistant orange case to ensure survival in harsh environments
- Neat fitting seams help prevent ingress of dust and moisture
- Impact resistant flush plates
- Cowl protects outlets from water ingress and impact damage
- Press to Test Button • Clear cover flap protects RCD
- Dual purpose base keeps outlets clear of dirt and moisture and cord tidy when not in use
- Convenient carry handle
- 1.8 meter heavy duty cord assembly
- IP33 rated.





All Clipsal 485 Series Protected Portable Power Outlets come complete with a high quality combination RCD/MCB.


Clipsal units are completely electronically controlled giving greater reliability than other units which use an electro-mechanical trip mechanism.


In addition, Clipsal Electronic RCDs are highly immune to electrical interference, and unlike their electromechanical counterparts, are much more robust giving excellent resistance to false tripping owing to drop, shock or vibration when in use.



DIAGRAM - Electronic RCD/MCB Combo Device



 Electronic RCD/MCB Combo Device




Contents of Shipment


- 1 x CLIPSAL® - RCD Protected Portable Power Outlet



Specifications and Data


DATASHEET - http://www.farnell.com/datasheets/1087701.pdf



Manufacturer Connection


MANUFACTURER'S PRODUCT PAGE - http://www.clipsal.com/Trade/Products/ProductDetail?catno=485P4CB30




Manufacturer's Downloads


The Lifesavers Product Range - https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0988/2630/files/CLIPSAL_LIFESAVERS_Product-Range.pdf?10392603501480824843





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