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Book: A Job Description for the Business Owner
  • Book: A Job Description for the Business Owner
  • Chapter 4
  • Author - Alexander Visotsky

Book: A Job Description for the Business Owner



Barcode: 1514723034

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Alexander Visotsky's: A Job Description for the Business Owner




A Job Description for the Business Owner: How to Do Your Job and be a Successful Business Owner




Print Length: 142 pages
Print Type: Soft Back(New)
Page Numbers Source ISBN: 1514723034
Publisher: Visotsky Consulting Inc.
Publication Date: July 16, 2015





What is the difference between the duties of a business owner and the duties of a senior executive in a company? If you are a business owner, you probably have already asked yourself this question. But at the same time you may have never seen a complete, detailed, step-by-step description of all the basic duties of a business owner of a typical company.

The author of this book is an entrepreneur and a practical man who has established a few successful companies. His description of each individual duty of a business owner is amazingly simple and systematic. It is astonishing how easy and applicable these descriptions are in real life. Each duty is described in a separate chapter with many examples from different business areas. Undoubtedly this book can be called the first professional manual for a business owner of any company.

“The book, which you have in your hands, is written for those who started their business, encountered some difficulties and is searching for a way to succeed. The author of this book, Alexander Visotsky, is not a theoretic who is talking about business at the desk. He is a practician, who generalized the extensive experience of running his own business. His observations and recommendations are very useful for those who start this exciting game called “Business.”
Small business is not simple at all! It is difficult to run a small business because it creates a lot of problems an owner has to solve. It has a lack of resources and possibilities and big staff turnover. The only solution is skillful and modern management. One needs to create a successful company. But how?

At the beginning of his activity the author did not have an idea of how to manage. How to restore order in "your home", organize work and beat competitors. He decided to figure it out and help others. The author proposes solutions based on his experience. These solutions are results of his efforts of solving problems he encountered in his business. They turned out to be typical for all small companies.
If you want your business to be successful, use solutions this book gives you!”—A.V Doctor of Economics, Professor

“Dear Alexander! I had read your “A Job Description For The Business Owner” book and decided to write down my opinion. This book is not just relevant. I consider that any business owner, despite his achievements, needs this book like air. It is written in simple language. Today not many business companies have “personal face” and your book will help a lot of people to make up their mind and change their viewpoint on the world of “money”. I think it will become a handbook for those who had read it thoughtfully – this is the highest mark for a book and an author. I wish you prosperity, continue creating!”—A.K Owner





Civilstock's Review


As an electronic engineer of over 15yrs I have had to purchase many very expensive books that are required texts for my then education. This is one of those books. It is a book validly worthy of the afore mentioned books, almost all of which were never ever below $20, always in the range of $100 to $250 depending on how many pages. I have a personal copy and another to help train my staff and executives with. Thank you Alexander for bringing us this technology in a form that we can really use, and by golly does it WORK! wow!!







Businessman, author, management consultant, business-lecturer, founder of «Visotsky Consulting Inc». Also, he is an author of consulting project which implements administrative management tools in small to medium sized business "Business Owner's Program."

He was born in Omsk (a city in Siberia region), but he lived in Tatarstan in his childhood and youth. Once he got his high school diploma, we went to the Military Aviation Engineering Academy in Kiev. In 1992, he had graduated majoring in "Use of radio-electronic equipment in aircrafts". During his education, he was actively doing programming. Took part in many scientific projects and after graduation he worked at the faculty of applied mathematics for a while.

In 1993, the first place of work was the Kyiv office of the Danish consulting company Time Manager International, where Alexander was a head of a department of computer technologies.

In 1994, Alexander, and his friends decided to create «Mac Center» company -- authorized dealer of Apple Inc. The company was delivering publishing and computer animation systems.

In 1999, he had created a «Badge Master» company which produced souvenir goods from metal. In 2001, it was decided to unite «Badge Mater» with «Heroldmaster» company and the company had started to operate with the new name.

In 2007 had sold his shares to co-owner and Honored art worker of Ukraine Anatoly Shian. From 2001 till 2007 Alexander was a Chairman of the Board and till 2006 he was a General Director of the company. Under his direct management small workshop «Heroldmaster» which was known only locally became the biggest company which produced trophies in Europe.

From 2004, he started an administrative management consulting activity and read seminars about creation of administrative management system for small and medium business owners in Ukraine, Belorussia, Russia, and Kazakhstan.

Alexander has published:
2012 - «A Job Description for the Business Owner» book;
2013 - «Org board. How to design org structure» book;
2014 - «Small Business, Big Game» book.





- To clarify for executives and investors, their job description in relation to their relationship

- To clarify investor or potential investors of their level of authority

- Train executives and business development managers

- Train owners of small businesses with a job description for them

- Applied intelligently to understand employee motivation

- Train potential or new staff on the role of the owner and the executives

- Basic training for all staff of any business or organization

- As a Handbook and Quick Reference for executives in top-level management positions

- Train executives on strategic planning, it's responsibilities and accountability.





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