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  • BATRONIX® - BX48 BATEGO II Universal Professional Programmer_ZOOM-VIEW
  • BATRONIX® - BX48 BATEGO II: Universal Professional Programmer
  • BX48 BATEGO II - Universal Professional Programmer(Germany).jpg
  • BX48 BATEGO II - Universal Professional Programmer(Germany)_SOFTWARE.jpg
  • BX48 BATEGO II - Universal Professional Programmer(Germany)_SOFTWARE2.jpg
  • BATRONIX  ISP Adapter BA017 for Model BX48 Batego II

BX48 Batego II - Universal Professional Programmer(Germany)



Barcode: 2422214

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BATRONIX® - BX48 BATEGO II: Universal Professional Programmer



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Product Description 


The BX48 BATEGO II is an extreme powerful, compact and easy-to-use Universal Programmer.


Due to the specially developed Batronix pindriver ICs the BX48 reaches a new dimension of speed, low power consumption and compact design. State-of-the-art technology.


State-of-the-art technology makes the BX48 the only programmer in the world supporting ICs with ultra low supply voltages of 1.0 Volt.


The BX48 Batego is very convenient with a height of just 2.5 cm and is distinguished by its design and anodized die-cast aluminum case. This makes it the programmer of choice, even in the tough service sector.


The exceptional flexibility is attained by providing all power requirements via the USB port. A power adapter or batteries are not required, since all programming voltages are provided internally by a voltage generator from the USB supply voltage.


The chips are programmed at a high level of quality and reproducibility in the shortest time possible by using optimized algorithms and micro-controller managed programming times. All supported chips can be programmed directly in DIP/DIL packages.


Suitable adapters are available for specialized packages such as PLCC, SOP, TSOP and QFP.


NEW! With the BX48 Batego II, the next version of the popular BX48. In this new version, the next generation of Batronix pin driver ASICs is used. Thus, the BX48 Batego II can support programming voltages of up to 25 volts, necessary for very old NMOS EPROMs.


5 Year Warranty



ISP Programming Adapter-Cables Kit


BATRONIX  ISP Adapter BA017 for Model BX48 Batego II


All programming devices are equipped with a DIP (= DIL) socket. In order to use a chip with a different housing shape (e.g. PLCC, TSOP, SOIC or QFP) in a programming device, an adapter (PLCC/TSOP/SOIC/QFP socket on DIP plug) is required.

Without this adapter, no connection can be made between the plug shape of a programming device and the housing shape of a special chip.


For each adapter the chip programmers which work with this adapter are available on request. These lists only show current chips so they do not need to be complete. If your chip is not shown on any of the lists or you are not certain, please contact our technical support team at Service@Batronix.com.


IMPORTANT: Your chip programmer must support the desired chip! Package adapters typically only adapt specific chip packages to your chip programmers DIPconnector. If your chip programmer does not support the desired chip, this will not change with the use of an adapter.


DATASHEET - http://www.batronix.com/pdf/Batronix_ISP_Adapter.pdf


DATASHEET OF MANUFACTURER'S OTHER ADAPTERS - http://www.farnell.com/datasheets/1814091.pdf




Operating Capabilities and Features


BX48 Batego Pin Drivers


A completely new chip was developed specifically for the pin control functions of the BX48. This new pin driver ASIC provides previously inconceivable performance and flexibility.


The BX48 is the first programmer in the world which supports extremely low power supply ICs according to JEDEC Norm JESD8-14A.01. Chips which meet this standard have to be powered with a supply voltage of 1.0 Volt with a maximum tolerance of 100 mV.


Each of all 48 pins can be used independent and flexible
- Four supply and programming voltages from 0.9 V up with 10 mV resolution!
- Logic-Output • Logic-Input • High speed serial interface
- Analog Input (A/D measurements with 10 mV resolution!)
- Analog Output (D/A voltage output with 10 mV resolution!)
- Six switchable pullup+pulldown resistors on VPP, VCC and GND
- Adjustable clock frequencies up to 24.5 MHz
- Ground



Device Software


Prog-Express Software


All Batronix BX-programmers can be easily controlled using the modern and intuitive Prog-Express software. Chips inserted in the programmer can be detected automatically by the software and programming a chip from a file or copying an existing chip is done with a few mouse-clicks. Despite the easy to use interface, professional protection, split, auto-identify, auto-start and serial-number functions as well as a convenient hex-editor are available in addition to the basic functions like read, program, verify and erase.


The software and all updates and further versions are free, and the current version can be downloaded from www.batronix.com at any time and used without an activation key. This allows the Batronix programmers to remain current even after several years. Support for further chips is added quickly and free of charge based on customer requests, as long as these chips can be supported by the hardware.



Contents of Shipment


- 1x BX48 BATEGO II: Universal Professional Programmer



Information and Features


- USB powered
- Chip auto identification
- Multi programmer control
- Automatic programming start
- Ultralow voltage support
- Ultra high speed technology
- Multi platform support
- Four supply and programming voltages from 0.9V up with 10mV resolution
- Logic-input and output
- High speed serial interface
- Analogue input and output
- Six switchable pullup+pulldown resistors on VPP, VCC and GND
- Adjustable clock frequencies up to 24.5MHz



Specifications and Data


DATASHEET - http://www.farnell.com/datasheets/1814092.pdf


DEVICE LIST - http://www.batronix.com/pdf/BX48Batego-II-DeviceList.pdf



Manufacturer Connection


MANUFACTURER'S PRODUCT PAGE - http://www.batronix.com/shop/programmer/BX48/batego-II.html



Manufacturer's Videos


Manufacturer's Hardware Presentation



Manufacturer's Software Presentation




Manufacturer's Downloads


Manufacturer's Operating Software - http://www.batronix.com/shop/software/prog-express/download.html



Device List


Maunfacturer's Device List - http://www.batronix.com/pdf/BX48Batego-II-DeviceList.pdf



Manufacturer's FAQ - Knowledge Database


Manufacturer's Support - http://www.batronix.com/shop/electronic/index.html





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