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Customizable GloFX Space Saber – Staff, 36 Colour Modes
  • Customizable GloFX Space Saber – Staff, 36 Colour Modes
  • Customizable GloFX Space Saber – Staff, 36 Colour Modes Lifetime warranty badge
  • Customizable GloFX Space Saber – Staff, 36 Colour Modes Made in america badge

GloFX® Customizable Space Saber – Staff


SKU: SS1500-D-24-S

Barcode: 647679186262

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Customizable GloFX® Space Saber – Staff, Multi-Modes of Colour




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Product Description


Our Staff model Space Saber features the world’s most advanced LED technology, and contains the highest quality fiber optics and parts.  Our Space Saber Staff features a durable aluminum powerhouse and 36 strobing, flashing and multicolor modes.  Enhance your flow and prepare yourself to be immersed in a light show that you never thought was possible at the push of a button!  Our Space Saber Staff is our biggest and most robust saber yet featuring sabers on each end of the handle!



GloFX Space Sabers are designed to resist the elements.  Each robust Saber is housed in a tough, yet ergonomically designed aluminum body. The powerhouse and shroud are designed to force all the light through the LED magnification lens and into your fiber.  Each Powerhouse features three O-rings to fully eliminate the seeping of moisture into the base.  The Space Saber is designed to hold up even when you are performing the most intense flow routines.



The machined aluminum handle is robust and durable and allows for incredible versatility.  Independent mode selection of each end of the saber is easily accessible from the handle and the powerhouse is stored in the grip. The master on/off switch is conveniently located in the cutout of the handle.  To cycle through the colors, press the function button near each end of the handle.  These buttons rotate each end of the saber through their many color options.  The contoured grip of the handle ensures that you will never lose control of your flow!


Super Bright Powerful LEDs
Our brightest yet, providing ultimate visibility in any environment. Choose from 3 brightness levels to perfect your color palette. Space Sabers emits over 50% more light than previous models!


Programmable LED Powerhouse
Never again will you feel limited when it comes to color combinations. Space Saber features a Programmable microchip giving you 34 color choices with 13 custom display modes. Choose any 1, 2, or 3 colors and select from the 3 levels of brightness to create your own unique color palette! Use 1 mode functionality so that your favorite color combination and mode is available at the click of a button. Or, quickly reset to factory default in less than 10 seconds any time.



End Glow Fiber forces light directly to the end of each strand creating the brightest possible point of light.  Our fibers are and give the GloFX Space Saber the largest and brightest points of light of any fiber optic LEDs on the market.






Powerhouse Handle Color:
Silver – Powerhouse and handle with matching shroud and end cap.
Black Onyx – Powerhouse and handle with matching shroud and end cap.



Fiber Types:


1.5mm Fiber: Very thin fibers allowing for staggered points of light throughout the blade. This option is much lighter in weight.



Blade Length and Product Weight:


24″ Each Side – 1.5mm: 1 lb 14 oz
18″ Each Side – 1.5mm: 1 lb 11 oz
12″ Each Side – 1.5mm: 1 lb 8 oz


Total Length:
Powerhouse Handle = 12 inches


24″ Blade + 12″ Handle + 24″ Blade = 60 inches total length
18″ Blade + 12″ Handle + 18″ Blade = 48 inches total length
12″ Blade + 12″ Handle + 12″ Blade = 36 inches total length



Super Bright Powerful LEDs
Our brightest yet, providing ultimate visibility in any environment. Choose from 3 brightness levels to perfect your color palette. Space Sabers emits over 50% more light than previous models!



The GloFX Space Saber is a whole new take on the ever-expanding art of flow. The Space Saber is weighted in a manner to be easily manipulated while you are performing. Changing colors is as easy as pressing a conveniently located switch, allowing for your performance to be incredibly dynamic. Lastly, the long battery life of the Space Saber ensures that you will never have to worry about running out of juice during the middle of an event!



We are proud to offer a Lifetime Warranty on all Space Sabers. Our warranty covers any damage during shipping, defects in the manufacturing process, or malfunctioning electronics. At GloFX, we have spent years building and developing a reputation for perfection. We stand behind our products’ workmanship and quality. If you experience a manufacture’s defect or damage during shipping, GloFX will warrant your Space Saber for the lifetime of your product. READ MORE..



All Space Sabers are manufactured in Tallahassee, FL USA. Our hand built process allows us to produce the highest quality product from the best materials available. Please allow up to 7 days for production, although most are ready for shipment within 24-48 hours.






- 12”, 18″, and 24″ Blades Available (Each Side)
- Aluminum Powerhouse: Choose Black or Silver
- 13 Strobing, Flashing and Multicolor Modes
- Low Consumption LEDs – Uses [6] AAA Batteries (Included)
- Made in the USA with the Utmost Care
- Lifetime Warranty




Colour Chart and Mode Guide


GloFX-LED-Colour Chart_Mode Guide-OFFICIAL





Product Guide Manual - GloFX-Space-Whip-Pro-User-Guide





The GloFX Space Saber is not intended to be used as a weapon or sword fighting device.
it is strictly meant to be used for practicing and performing flow arts.
Always use caution when performing with the GloFX Space Saber.
Never strike ANYTHING with the saber.
GloFX is not liable for any damage or bodily harm to yourself or others while using this toy.





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