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MINGDA® MD-16 3D Printer




Availability: Many in stock


The MD-16 - High Precision, High Quality 3D Printer








MINGDA - 3D Printers Manufacturing Company Official LOGO



Product Description


The MINGDA® MD-16 3D Desktop Printer is an industrial grade 3D Printer with full interface and printing capabilities. It prints an active area of 160mm x 160mm x 160mm.


It's maximum heating temp is 260°C and takes 1.75mm filament size only.


A highly developed machine for the domestic market. MINGDA® truly innovate their products as seen with their latest printer release in 2017 - The MD-1244. It's print area is 120mm x 400mm x 400mm (Landscape).



Technical Parameters


- Print Volume: 16cm x 16cm x 16cm

- Machine Dimensions: 30cm x 35cm x 39.5cm

- Filaments Size: 1.75mm

- File Types: STL, G-Code, OBJ

- Operating Software: Cura

- Maximum Heating Element Temperature: 260 Degrees Celcius

- Platform Temperature: 110 Degrees Celcius

- Layer Thickness: 0.05mm-0.3mm

- Nozzle Diameter: stand 0.4mm

- Nozzle Moving Speed: 0-200mm/second

- Connectivity: USB or SD Card

- Compatible Printing Materials: PLA/ABS/HIPS/Flexible Material/Nylon

- Extruder type: 1.75mm direct feeding

- Power: 150W

- Noise: Updated Version within 45dB

- Warranty: 1 Year




Power Compatibility - Australia

- European AC Plug - Requires a simple Travel Adapter





Design Specifics


- The Developed, smooth construction design will make your 3D prints more concise.

- 4-Point Stars on machine body, skeleton and shell design for an appearance that fits it's developed status.

- Structure design improvements.

- Specialized modular design

- No more buttons, Human-friend settings show on the screen.

- Industry Grade Motherboard



Features Specifics


- The power supply and control system is build into the bottom of the machine, peaking safety and reliability.

- Concise and Fluent exterior, seamless. Curve Chamfer design

- Counter-sunk screws, safe and beautiful

- Anodized shell, highlighting a noble quality. Of which Building and Art is indeed.

- Compact and lightweight, extremely high reliability machine.

- SOLID body, high quality spare parts.

- Guaranteed 100% flat, level heating bed.

- Chassis stability is VERY high so imperceptible vibrations reduced to the best level possible without going into the next tier of high precision MINGDA 3D printers.

- Most of the components are under module design, including the; limitation switch, motors, heating element, temperature sensor etc. Extremely practical to replace parts that Civilstock will guarantee to be fair and in alignment with our strict quality levels. Hence the MINGDA MD-16 for Australia.

- 20 degree tilt 3.5" Colour LCD touch screen built into the bottom of the machine. Taking ease of operation to the MINGDA benchmark, improving the user experience substantially.



Industry Grade Motherboard


- Uses 32-bit 72M Cortex-M3 STM32 Master Chip for Improved Performance

- Uses the embedded industry's most powerful development tools; Keil MDK Integrated Development Environment. It supports online debugging, and been a massive asset to the MD-16 Product Development and Performance Optimizations. Using C language development so lower development threshold.

- The wiring layout of the Circuit board is rigorous and beautiful, with a special thermal optimization applied

- It supports the 3.5" LCD colour touch screen

- The system supports English, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese.

- Without tedious code and configuration files, you can configure 3D prints via the touch screen

- Perfect support for status 'continue to print' at POWER OFF and FILAMENT OUT.


NOTE: As of July 2017 the MD-16 Computer has been upgraded AGAIN!!! WOW! Awaiting specifications documentation from Manufacturer currently. Updates will be noted here.







Please see Trimble SketchUp as the Official Civilstock recommendation for anyone starting in 3D Printing. Located in the Main Menu 'Software'.



Mingda Software and Support


Mingda MD-16 Software - http://www.md-3d.com/index.php?s=/news/softwares.html



Mingda Library - STL and Software


Field Examples - http://www.md-3d.com/index.php?s=/products/stl.html


Human Body Model Examples - http://www.md-3d.com/index.php?s=/products/software.html



Excellent Lists, Tables, Descriptions and References

Supportive links and forum relevant activities available


ALL3DP All about 3D Printing - https://all3dp.com/best-3d-printing-software-tools/


3Ders 3D Printing and 3D Printing News - http://www.3ders.org/3d-software/3d-software-list.html


i.materialise.com - https://i.materialise.com/blog/top-25-most-popular-3d-modeling-design-software-for-3d-printing/



MINGDA® machines have been STRICTLY tested and developed, they DO meet and exceed the CE and FCC standard.





Mingda - Manfacturer 2017 Year Starting Video




Product Selection Criteria - Civilstock, Australia


MINGDA® has a highly qualified and significant track record of continually producing from developments and engaging customers and businesses in accord with an emerging technology market. An understanding of this underpins all further needs and future developments for anyone engaging in production with 3D printing technology.


Their machines, though actually designed for industrial and commercial standards, plus the continuing development and engagement are even compatible for with the majority of Formfutura® Advanced and Specialty Filaments. These filaments are produced by a Dutch Manufacturer who is on the cutting edge of 3D printing materials.


Yes, Civilstock brings it together to completely empower you with the quality and capability for your endeavors, whether they are for learning or manufacturing.



Please see Civilstock's Collection of high quality filaments, pellets and accessories





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Civilstock - Shipping Rates



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