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Open Air Cinema - NEW! Outdoor Home 12' Wireless System
  • Open Air Cinema - NEW! Outdoor Home 12' Wireless System
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Open Air Cinema® - Wireless! Outdoor Movie Home System, 5m




Availability: Many in stock


Open Air Cinema® - 12' Wireless! Outdoor Movie Home System












Civilstock, Australia and Open Air Cinema, USA are proud to bring you the Latest Product to the Home Series products for all of your Events and Outdoor Movie experiences.


The Open Air Cinema products cater for all levels of events and crowd numbers. The Pro and Elite Series require quoting from the Civilstock Office and confirmation of specifications and logistics. This is easily facilitated by a strong International supplier relationship.


Experience quality in Premier Outdoor Movie Systems from Open Air Cinema.




The New Wireless Home A/V outdoor movie system is Open Air Cinema's most simple setup ever.


Utilizing Bluetooth audio and a battery powered speaker, we've minimized the components necessary making it easier than ever to produce your own backyard movie events.




Package Description


Open Air Cinema recommends this system for intimate audiences of up to 30 people.

The 12' Home Wireless Theater includes:

- Genuine 12’ x 7’ (14’ diagonal) Open Air Cinema Inflatable Screen Kit – A customer favorite, our 12’ home screen weights just 14 pounds, but features an 84 square foot projection screen, over twice as much as the 9’foot screen.
- 4 water weight bags for easy screen deployment on any surface
- Screen blower + muffler box
- 1080p HD DLP ultra bright outdoor projector
- A WiFi BluRay player with Bluetooth Audio
- A battery powered speaker with big sound
- An HDMI Cable


Open Air Cinema - NEW! Outdoor Home 12' Wireless System_SCREEN





THE SYSTEM - Components

PROJECTOR - Optoma HD-142x

A bright 3000 lumen HD projector will give you a crisp and bright image that will immerse you in the action.

Open Air Cinema - NEW! Outdoor Home 12' Wireless System_PROJECTOR

MUFFLER - Open Air Cinema
Open Air Cinema's blower Muffler reduces blower noise significantly so you can sit back and enjoy rich audio without interruption.

Open Air Cinema - NEW! Outdoor Home 12' Wireless System_Blower and Muffler

SPEAKER - Braven XXL Bluetooth Speaker
The wireless system includes a bluetooth speaker with big sounds - the Braven XXL. It features 14 hour play time on the built-in battery, EQ adjustment, and IPX5 weatherproof rating. You can also charge you phone from its USB port.

For even bigger sound, upgrade to dual Mackie Freeplays. Open Air Cinema recommend this for areas with sound congestion or larger audiences.


Open Air Cinema - NEW! Outdoor Home 12' Wireless System_SPEAKER


MEDIA PLAYER + Remote Control - Sony: Bluetooth, Blu-ray, Wifi, USB
This kit includes a top of the line streaming media Bluray powerhouse. All your favorite streaming services are there: Netflix, Hulu Plus, Youtube, Amazon Prime Instant Video, and more. You can even play PS3 games using the optional PS3 controller.

Open Air Cinema - NEW! Outdoor Home 12' Wireless System_Media Player

Want to bring your own digital media? No problem. Just throw your files on a usb drive and plug them in. You can play Xvid, WMV, AVCGD, MPEG2, and MPEG4 video files and DSD, FLAC, AAC, ALAC, WAV, and MP3 audio files. Phew!

Open Air Cinema - NEW! Outdoor Home 12' Wireless System_REMOTE CONTROLLER

The included remote control gives you access to all the features of the media center with quick shortcuts for Netflix and Bluetooth connections. For even more control, download the optional app to turn your smartphone into a remote control and get extended features such as program guides, recommended programs, and smartwatch control.

Open Air Cinema - NEW! Outdoor Home 12' Wireless System_STREAMINGDATA



Dual Mackie Freeplays

Upgrade to dual Mackie Freeplay speakers. Each speaker comes with a battery and a stand. Open Air Cinema also includes a 20' cable to connect one to the other.

PS3 Controller

Play select PS3 games on Playstation Now using the PS3 Dualshock 3 controller. No game console necessary! The future is here!


No A/C outlet? No problem! The Yeti 1250 from Goal Zero will run the projector, media player, and blower for over two hours. With included USB ports you can keep your phone charged too!


Open Air Cinema - NEW12footwireless_system-OPTIONS




Open Air Cinema - NEW! Outdoor Home 12' Wireless System_Photo2







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Civilstock - Shipping Rates



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