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PAUL PARKMAN Men's Black Genuine Python Belt (ID#B03-BLK)
  • PAUL PARKMAN Men's Black Genuine Python Belt (ID#B03-BLK)
  • PAUL PARKMAN Men's Brown Genuine Python Belt (ID#B03-BRW)
  • PAUL PARKMAN Men's Burgundy Genuine Python Belt (ID#B03-BUR)
  • PAUL PARKMAN Men's Camel Brown Genuine Python Belt (ID#B03-CMLBRW)
  • PAUL PARKMAN Men's Green Genuine Python Belt (ID#B03-GRN)
  • PAUL PARKMAN Men's Natural Genuine Python Belt (ID#B03-NAT)
  • PAUL PARKMAN Men's Navy Genuine Python Belt (ID#B03-NVY)
  • PAUL PARKMAN Men's Purple Genuine Python Belt (ID#B03-PURP)
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Paul Parkman® Handmade Belts - Python




Availability: Many in stock


Paul Parkman Handmade Shoes - Handmade Belts: Python








This is a made-to-order product.


Please allow 15 days for the delivery.


Because the products are hand-painted and couture-level creations, each item will have a unique hue and polish, and color may differ slightly from the picture.




Description of Variety




"Genuine Python (snakeskin)
Exact color matching with your Paul Parkman python shoes.
Size may be adjustable from the buckle."




Description of the Artisans and their Works


 The Luxury of Men's Footwear


PAUL PARKMAN ® represents a sophisticated brand of luxury man’s footwear which never loses sight of the real art of handcrafting and enhances the personality of those experiencing the brand. Paul Parkman prides itself on manufacturing some of the highest quality men's dress shoes on the market.


Starting from the English style, during the years our brand has been constantly modelling its collections dedicating particular attention to the tendencies of the moment, however being faithful to its genre, that is to say classical & fashionable shoes.


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Everything is conceived in order to answer to the requirements of a modern, metropolitan man, an engaged man, who loves to follow present times with their fashion, but who demands high levels of quality. The value of the shoes has always been a factor of recognition for Paul Parkman brand. In order to satisfy this goal, raw materials are selected with special attention. The choice is often represented by valuable leathers. Our team has managed to combine made-to-measure and ready-to-wear, attaining a result of the very utmost quality.


PAUL PARKMAN ® creations are all made strictly by hand in a small factory, in limited numbers; and feature obsessive research into leathers, materials and details.


Following this philosophy, Paul Parkman reached important peaks of professionalism. A professionalism whose fame conquered the markets of great part of the world. PAUL PARKMAN ® realizes its products with passion. In this way the production of the shoes maintains the ancient flavour of the handicraft. The man cut, sews, assembles progressively modelling a daily art work.




Sizes Available


Small, Medium, Large, Xlarge, XXLarge.




Sizing Charts and Information


 Belt Size Conversion Chart






List - Colours Available


- Brown
- Black
- Cobalt Blue
- Blue & Green
- Blue & Turquoise
- Bordeaux
- Brown & Blue
- Brown and Camel
- Tobacco
- Dark Bordeaux
- Dark Brown
- Dark Green
- Gray
- Green & Purple
- Gray & Black
- Green
- Navy
- Navy & Blue
- Navy & Bordeaux
- Purple
- Reddish Brown
- Sky Blue
- Black with Crocodile
- Brown with Crocodile
- Burgundy with Crocodile
- Camel with Crocodile
- Dark Bordeaux with Crocodile
- Green with Crocodile
- Gray Hand with Crocodile
- Navy with Crocodile
- Olive with Crocodile
- Purple with Crocodile
- Reddish with Crocodile
- Black-Python
- Blue-Python
- Brown-Python
- Burgundy Genuine-Python
- Camel Brown-Python
- Green-Python
- Genuine-Python
- Navy Genuine-Python
- Purple-Python
- Black-Ostrich
- Blue-Ostrich
- Bordeaux-Ostrich
- Brown-Ostrich
- Burgundy-Ostrich
- Camel-Ostrich
- Green-Ostrich
- Navy-Ostrich
- Ocean Blue-Ostrich
- Purple-Ostrich
- Black-Crocodile
- Brown-Crocodile
- Gray-Crocodile
- Black Suede
- Blue Suede
- Brown Suede
- Green Suede
- Navy Suede
- Purple Suede
- Tobacco Suede



PAUL PARKMAN ® creations are all made strictly by hand in a small factory, in limited numbers; and feature obsessive research into leathers, materials and details.


Civilstock is proud to supply this level of quality and charisma to Australia.





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Civilstock - Shipping Rates



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