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Pico Techology® - PicoScope® 2200A Series, USB Oscilloscope, 10-25MHz, 100MS-s
  • Pico Techology® - PicoScope® 2200A Series, USB Oscilloscope, 10-25MHz, 100MSs-ZOOM_VIEW
  • Pico Techology® - PicoScope® 2200A Series, USB Oscilloscope, 10-25MHz, 100MS-s
  • Pico Techology® - PicoScope® 2200A Series, USB Oscilloscope, 10-25MHz, 100MS/s-REAR_VIEW
  • Pico Techology® - PicoScope® 2200A Series, USB Oscilloscope, 10-25MHz, 100MS/s_WITH_SOFTWARE

PicoScope® 2200A Series, USB Oscilloscopes, 10-25MHz, 100MS-s



Barcode: 2365425

Availability: Many in stock


Pico Techology® - PicoScope® 2200A Series, USB Oscilloscope, 10-25MHz, 100MS/s







Product Description


Models Available


- PicoScope® 2204A USB Oscilloscope, 10MHz, 100MS/s
- PicoScope® 2205A USB Oscilloscope, 25MHz, 100MS/s



Your complete test & measurement laboratory


You can use your PicoScope 2000 Series as an advanced oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, function generator, arbitrary waveform generator and protocol decoder out of the box. Mixed signal models also add a 16 channel logic analyzer. A complete electronics lab in one compact, low-cost, USB-powered unit.


The PicoScope 2000A models deliver unbeatable value for money and are ideal for education, hobby and field service use. In the lab the low cost allows one scope per person rather than having to share.



High-end oscilloscope


At the heart of every PicoScope 2000 is an advanced oscilloscope which offers everything you would expect and much more besides:


- 10,000 waveform circular buffer
- Up to 80,000 waveforms per second update rate
- Mask limit testing
- Advanced math & filtering
- Measurements with statistics
- Advanced digital triggering
- Resolution enhancement to 12 bits



Logic analyzer / mixed signal ability


The PicoScope 2000 Series includes mixed signal models that include 16 digital inputs so that you can view digital and analog signals simultaneously.


The digital inputs can be displayed individually or in named groups with binary, decimal or hexadecimal values shown in a bus-style display. A separate logic threshold from –5 V to +5 V can be defined for each 8-bit input port. The digital trigger can be activated by any bit pattern combined with an optional transition on any input. Advanced logic triggers can be set on either the analog or digital input channels, or both to enable complex mixed-signal triggering.


The digital inputs bring extra power to the serial decoding options. You can decode serial data on all analog and digital channels simultaneously, giving you up to 18 channels of data. You can for example decode multiple SPI, I²C, CAN bus, LIN bus and FlexRay signals all at the same time!



Serial bus decoding and protocol analysis


PicoScope can decode 1-Wire, ARINC 429, CAN, DCC, DMX512, Ethernet, FlexRay, I²C, I²S, LIN, PS/2, SENT, SPI, UART (RS-232 / RS-422 / RS-485), and USB 1.1 protocol data as standard, with more protocols in development and available in the future with free-of-charge software upgrades.


Multiple protocols can be captured and decoded, the only limit being the number of available channels (18 for MSO models). The ability to observe data flow across a bridge (such as CAN bus in, LIN bus out) is incredibly powerful.



FFT spectrum analyzer


The spectrum view plots amplitude against frequency, revealing details that would otherwise be hidden in an oscilloscope view. It is ideal for finding noise, crosstalk or distortion in signals.


You can display multiple spectrum views alongside oscilloscope views of the same data. A comprehensive set of automatic frequency-domain measurements can be added to the display, including THD, THD+N, SNR, SINAD and IMD. A mask limit test can be applied to a spectrum and you can even use the AWG and spectrum mode together to perform swept scalar network analysis.



Arbitrary waveform generator (AWG) and function generator


All PicoScope 2000 Series oscilloscopes have a built-in function generator and arbitrary waveform generator (AWG) which output signals on a front panel BNC.


The function generator can produce sine, square, triangle and DC level waveforms, and many more besides, while the AWG allows you to import custom waveforms from data files or create and modify them using the built-in graphical AWG editor.


As well as level, offset and frequency controls, advanced options allow you to sweep over a range of frequencies. Combined with the advanced spectrum mode, with options including peak hold, averaging and linear/log axes, this creates a powerful tool for testing amplifier and filter responses.




Information and Features


- 2 channel, 4 channel and MSO models
- 6 instruments in one
- Ultra-compact design
- Up to 100 MHz bandwidth
- Up to 128 MS buffer memory
- Decode 16 serial protocols as standard
- USB connected and powered
- Windows, Linux and Mac software


Pico Techology® - PicoScope® 2200A Series, USB Oscilloscope, 10-25MHz, 100MS-s-CONTENTS




Contents of Shipment


- Your choice of 1 x PicoScope® 2200A Series USB Oscilloscope




- USB cable
- Two x1/x10 60MHz passive probes
- Quick Start Guide
- Software and reference CD



Specifications and Data


DATASHEET - http://www.farnell.com/datasheets/1769554.pdf



Manufacturer Connection


MANUFACTURER'S PRODUCT PAGE - https://www.picotech.com/oscilloscope/2000/picoscope-2000-overview




Manufacturer's Product Video: Pico Technology - PicoScope 2000 Series: Like a benchtop oscilloscope, only smaller and better





Manufacturer's Downloads


SOFTWARE and MANUALS - https://www.picotech.com/downloads


MANUFACTURER'S LIBRARY - https://www.picotech.com/library






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